East Brooklyn Labs was conceived in 2016 as a startup venture within a successful e-commerce business.

In their years of buying and selling electronics, the owners of the company constantly saw shortcomings in existing products and conceived revolutionary product ideas.

Their insight helped them found East Brooklyn Labs, a team of engineers and designers tasked wtih creating innovative, functional and helpful tech products.

Stay tuned. There are always new East Brooklyn Labs projects in the pipeline.


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Mitch Berkowitz, President

Mitch entered the electronics industry by selling cameras in his grandfather's basement.  Today, he is the president of Digital Pavilion, one of Brooklyn’s largest e-commerce companies.


Ezriel Rappaport, CEO

Ezriel is a mysterious man with great intelligence and perseverance.  He and Mitch formed Digital Pavilion together in 2008.Many of our products originated with Ezriel.



Dovid Sufrin, COO

Dovid is responsible for all things operations and brings more than 14 years of experience to East Brooklyn Labs. His experience and leadership have been focused on developing and delivering premium technology-driven products and driving profitable revenue growth.


Abe Dolinger, Lead Design Engineer

Abe comes from a strong background of creativity and entrepreneurship.  In overlapping stages, he has been a sound recordist for film, web startup COO, CAD engineer, 3D printing tech, manufacturing consultant, music producer, and fixer of small things.