East Brooklyn Labs was conceived in 2016 as a startup venture within a successful importing business.

In their years of buying and selling cameras, electronics, and home goods, the owners of the company constantly saw product opportunities. 

One corner of our warehouse has become East Brooklyn Labs, populated by 3D printers, shop tools, and a very happy designer.  Now those niches will be filled by beautiful, functional objects.

Stay tuned, we are constantly working on new projects!



Mitch Berkowitz, President

started selling cameras in his grandfather's basement.  Now he is the president of Digital Pavilion, a very successful trading company located in Brooklyn NY.


Ezriel Rappaport, CEO

Ezriel is a mysterious man with great intelligence and perseverance.  He and Mitch formed Digital Pavilion together in 2008.Many of our products originated with Ezriel.

As of this writing he was not available for a photo.


Avi Goldstein, Director of Innovation & Marketing

Avi is the CEO of StatGear, another Brooklyn based company which specializes in developing rescue and survival gear. Avi brings his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to East Brooklyn Labs to help create new products and develop business relationships with retailers.


Abe Dolinger, Lead Design Engineer

Abe comes from a strong background of creativity and entrepreneurship.  In overlapping stages, he has been a sound recordist for film, web startup COO, CAD engineer, 3D printing tech, manufacturing consultant, music producer, and fixer of small things.