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SliQ - Wireless AirPods Charger

AirPods revolutionized the headphones experience.

Now, with SliQ, you can charge them wirelessly too.

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Wired to Wireless.

Say goodbye to messy wires and lost cables.

The SliQ has built-in Qi wireless charging capabilities so you can charge your AirPods easily using any wireless charger.

A built-in LED light turns on to let you know your AirPods are charging.

Protect Your Prize.

Protect your AirPods case from any scratches, cracks or dust.

The SliQ is made from high-quality, soft-rubbered silicone made to protect your AirPods from any damage.

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Pick Your Palette.

The SliQ comes in four fun colors to match your style and feel. Buy your favorite color or buy all four!


Watch the SliQ in action below.